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Kendra Dandyʼs Bouffants and Broken Hearts is a lifestyle brand that represents individuality, self-expression, and fun. Nothing about the brand, or the art, is conventional – the mix of patterns, colours, and subjects is original; designs are loud and unapologetic, and everyday life is reinterpreted in amusing ways. Each illustration provokes a conversation and tells a story; from seductively winking fries or leopards strutting in bright red pumps, it stimulates the imagination and takes the audience on a fun, whimsical adventure.

Sales performance and consumer response to the brand for high profile collaborations has been extraordinary, and with exclusive product offering, the differentiated, sought-after products with big personality captivate Millennial and Gen Z audiences.


Bouffants and Broken Hearts designs will lead to a meaningful purchase that supports an independent Black artist and female entrepreneur

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