Why you need a piece of Sara Miller’s tropical-inspired new collection

Now, let’s talk homewares. How do your files look? If you feel a bit flat looking at your office shelves, then I can assure you, it’s time for an intervention and this is the range for you! Boring filing…begone! Our new Sara Miller collection is a true tropical delight and we are so excited to show you what we’ve been working on. Sara Miller is an enchanting new brand with a stunning collection that celebrate a love of print, pattern and colour. With beautiful designs on elegant products Sara Miller of London has firmly established itself as a favourite. We have combined beautiful tropical prints featuring parrots, toucans and giraffes with delicate gold foil details complimented by exquisite packaging. You will fall in love with every piece! The prints, patterns and colour are all influenced by her passion for travel and love for experiencing different cultures. We highly recommend this collection as a gift either for yourself, friends or family, the wonderful quality of each item, whoever receives them will be most pleased.


 Expander File £18, Pencil Case £20, A5 Fabric Journal £25, Notebook and Pen £15, A5 Notebook £10

Travel Set £25

Water bottle £15, Travel Mug £15, Pencil Case £20, Notebook and Pen £15, A5 Notebook £10, A5 Fabric Journal £25