Stay Wild Moon Child with our La Luna Collection

Inspiration can come from anywhere; dreams, visions, gods and goddesses – somewhere other worldly. Our inspiration for La Luna was drawn from the fascination of a relationship between the moon and the tides. 

Following on from the success of the Studio Note collection ‘Celestial’, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new range with a similar look and feel.

Picking up on the trend ‘inner balance’, the design features dream-like landscapes to inspire the darker side of nature and enlighten our souls. The mystical relationship between the moon and tide will awaken your spiritual side leaving you feeling strong and empowered with positive messages throughout the collection which will reinforce your inner strengths.

The collection includes beautiful items of stationery, drinking vessels and gifts all finished to a high standard with beautiful touches of gold foils and tassels.

Ceramic Mug, £12.00 RRP

Ceramic Mug, £12.00 RRP

To Do Pad £6.00 RRP, Journal with Tassel Edging £14.00 RRP and Lunch Box £12.00 RRP

Travel Mug, £12.00 RRP

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