Get your Summer Desk!

It is officially summertime and we are beyond excited to embrace Sara Miller’s gorgeous designs that celebrate her passion for vibrant patterns and beautiful colours. 2017 sparked the year for the ever loved trend of flamingos and Sara Miller, an award-winning British Designer, captivated this fashion impeccably. With her love of print, pattern and colour, what better way to decorate your desk this summer?

Bursting with inspiration from her love of travel and culture, our Sara Miller range is perfect for lifting your mood and giving your desk a sophisticated and elegant feel. We have picked some of our favourite stationery bits which incorporate textured paper and fabrics and delicate gold foil details. Together we have produced a stunning range of storage boxes, magazine racks, notebooks, to do pads, address books, travel accessories, cosmetic bags, compact mirrors and photo albums. Take a look at our gorgeous stationery and gift items below!


And of course we couldn’t forget the kiddies! Every year there is that one toy that every child wants, the IT item if you will. Inevitably, this item can only be Shopkins. First, these little guys are super cute! What better way to get your children to get creative whilst using their imagination when playing. Our Shopkins Tropical range celebrates the love of all things tropical! The range includes a large selection of colouring and activity products, as well as lots of stationery sets and notebooks, inspiring little girls everywhere to enter the Shopkins paradise!