Blueprint’s Guide to University featuring our Yvonne Ellen range

Blueprint Collections’ Yvonne Ellen range features a complimentary colour palette, beautifully drawn animals such as toucans, giraffes and cheetahs, and a variety of positive and quirky slogans. If you’re still searching for the perfect stationery to use on your long nights of studying, or looking for amazing gifts and homeware that’ll boost the spirits of your accommodation then look no further as Blueprint has the very best for you! And, if you’re not going to university, we’re sure we can help you find an excuse to purchase all of these amazing items!

yvonne ellen

A notebook is vital for university, and it should be as beautiful as you can find! The chunky A5 notebook from our Yvonne Ellen range is perfect for planning crucial dates and deadlines, as well as looking the part. Titled ‘MASTER PLAN’, the notebook has lined gold edged pages with a ribbon page marker which will come in handy when looking for those all important notes, and why not match it with our twist style ballpen that holds elegance in its soft colour palette, decorated with a cockatoo.

Another extremely handy item that we feature in this range is our handbag notebook and pen. If you’ve ever been out and needed to jot something down you’ll know how handy a pen and paper is, but this is the perfect accessory for that issue. Just a note, you could always take it to the pub to score your card games – up to you!

It has been said that sticky notes are extremely helpful when it comes to studying, and the sticky notes in our range will be no exception. If anything, they will help you out even more through their aesthetic as colour and illustrations will brighten your mood. Another handy study tip is a plan, and using your ‘things to get done’ desk pad will help you plan out your week so you can see visually where your deadlines are and help you devise a plan to make completing your work just that little bit easier.

 yvonne ellen

Winter mornings can be cold, freezing in fact, and if you have an early lecture you don’t want to be lacking warmth. Why not purchase our Yvonne Ellen ‘Some Like it Hot’ travel mug to store your tea or coffee (or hot chocolates for those with a sweet tooth).

Whilst the library may be your best friend, when you’re studying at home you may want to feel a little more relaxed and cosy, and our ceramic ‘G & Tea’ mug will keep you company on the colder days.

You may also want to purchase the cockatoo stainless steel water bottle as its important to stay hydrated as you tackle your dissertations.

yvonne ellen

Our last section of this blog is dedicated to one of the most important parts of your university experience. Living in comfort, and style, will help you feel relaxed and put you in a positive mindset, and our Yvonne Ellen collection will do just that!

If you want to keep all of your cosmetics to yourself, we suggest purchasing our beautiful wash bag for to store everything in, ensuring none of your possessions go missing. Our chic make up bag is the perfect size to store in your bag if you’re running late, but will also look amazing sitting in your room. Again, if you’re running late we also have a compact mirror for you to store in your bag or pocket, for you to check up on your looks whenever and wherever! Going to university can leave you on a budget, and to save your money and time, why not try out our manicure set to keep your nails looking as beautiful and sharp as ever.

You may also find joy in our storage, for example the matching trinket trays which are perfect for any of you who are prone to losing smaller, but important, items; such as your keys or favourite necklace. Our giraffe headed ring holder is also perfect to store your rings, and makes them easier to find when you’re in a rush!

If you’re an environmentalist, or just a sucker for anything chic and trendy, why don’t you avoid the plastic bags and instead grab our foldaway tote. Not only does this help the planet, but it is also more practical to take to the shops as once you’re done you can fold it away until you next want to use it. The matching purse is also perfect for a visit to the shops or a night out, as its not too big but is still extremely fashionable!

We hope we have inspired you and that you have an amazing time at university! To find all of our Yvonne Ellen products please click this link, and take a look at her other amazing products. You can also find our first Yvonne Ellen range on John Lewis, BrandAlley, and Very. Other retailers also sell the products, if you’d like to find out where then please email, and make sure to follow Blueprint and Yvonne Ellen on Instagram.

Keep an eye out for our second range with Yvonne Ellen, Wild Opulence, for more beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing products!